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The Story Of Charley Rabbit

Charley Rabbit Publishing started life as an artisan screen-printing and design company in 2014, founded by illustrator Charley Savage. 

With nothing more than a head full of characters, a clean sheet of white paper and pots of coloured ink, Charley worked through the nights at her desk under the eaves of a tiny top-floor studio flat (yes, she had a day job back then) and one-by-one her characters came to life. 

A few months later, lovingly screen-printed and carefully hand folded, hundreds of hedgehogs and hares, foxes and pheasants were packed in brown paper, tied up with string and sent to shops all over England. 

Something was starting to happen….


Yes, that very small mouse happened, but something bigger was happening too.

Something bigger than a mouse…..

Those lovable characters were starting to capture the hearts of shop-owners all over the country. One grew to another, and then another and very soon Charley couldn’t print, cut, fold and pack fast enough.

Something was definitely happening…


Yes, that very glamorous cat happened too, but something more than that. 

Something bigger than a cat....

Charley gave up her day job and started designing in daylight hours and moved to an actual studio space, but still printed and packed long into the night.

After a while Charley (as notoriously slow on the uptake as a Rabbit in headlights) realised something... she realised… 


…and she needed help.

So she met with the nice people at Windles printers, who are very, very helpful, and got help in the office too, and all of a sudden, Rabbit in the headlights Charley became….

Charley Rabbit Publishing 

…and together we now stock over 100 retailers (and counting) in the UK and overseas.

Our story of creating something from nothing; taking a clean sheet of white paper and pots of coloured ink to create miniature works of art, is still, and always will be, the heart of what we do. 

Size-wise we are probably about as big as this little chap now....



But very slowly, one character at a time …

Something very big is on it's way ...